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Acquisition, Formal Theories of Bertolo, Stefano

Adaptation and Adaptationism Griffiths, Paul

Affordances Gibson, Eleanor J., Adolpoh, Karen and Eppler, Marion

Aging and Cognition Salthouse, Timothy

Aging and Memory Rapp, Peter

AI and Education VanLehn, Kurt

Algorithm Dietrich, Eric

Altruism Williams, George C

Ambiguity Tanenhaus, Michael and Sedivy, Julie C.

Amygdala, Primate Stefanacci, Lisa

Analogy Gentner, Dedre

Anaphora Reinhart, Tanya

Animal Communication Hauser, Marc and Marler, Peter

Animal Navigation Gallistel, C. Randy

Animal Navigation, Neural Networks Sharp, Patricia E

Animism Hatano, Giyoo

Anomalous Monism Davidson, Donald

Aphasia Swinney, Dave

Articulation Kent, Raymond D.

Artifacts and Civilization Schmandt-Besserat, Denise

Artificial Life Boden, Margaret A

Attention Duncan, John

Attention in the Animal Brain Motter, Brad

Attention in the Human Brain Posner, Michael and Fernandez-Duque, Diego

Attribution Theory Morris, Mike

Audition Richards, Virginia M

Auditory Attention Woldorff, Marty G

Auditory Physiology Rauschecker, Josef

Auditory Plasticity Recanzone, Gregg

Autism Frith, Uta

Automata Arbib, Michael

Automaticity Schneider, Walter

Autonomy of Psychology Crane, Tim


Bartlett, Frederic Charles Brewer, Bill

Basal Ganglia Strick, Peter L. and Middleton, Frank

Bayesian Learning Heckerman, David

Bayesian Networks Pearl, Judea

Behavior-Based Robotics Mataric, Maja J

Behaviorism Wasserman, Edward

Bilingualism and the Brain Hernandez, Arturo E. and Bates, Elizabeth

Binding by Neural Synchrony Singer, Wolf

Binding Problem Hummel, John

Binding Theory Reinhart, Tanya

Blindsight Stoerig, Petra

Bloomfield, Leonard Langendoen, D. Terence

Boas, Franz Hatch, Elvin

Bounded Rationality Doyle, Jon

Brentano, Franz Smith, Barry

Broadbent, Donald E. Klein, Raymond

Broca, Paul Whitaker, Harry A


Cajal, Santiago Ramón y DeFelipe, Javier

Case-Based Reasoning and Analogy Loui, Ronald

Categorial Grammar Steedman, Mark

Categorization Medin, Douglas L. and Aguilar, Cynthia

Causal Reasoning Cheng, Patricia

Causation Tooley, Michael

Cerebellum Ito, Masao

Cerebral Cortex Barlow, Horace

Chess, Psychology of Gobet, Fernand

Chinese Room Argument Searle, John

Church-Turing Thesis Sieg, Wilfried

Codeswitching Gumperz, John and Toribio, Almeida Jacqueline

Cognitive Anthropology Casson, Ronald

Cognitive Archaeology Mithen, Steven J

Cognitive Architecture Sloman, Steven

Cognitive Artifacts Hutchins, Ed

Cognitive Development Gelman, Rochel

Cognitive Ergonomics Cara, Francesco

Cognitive Ethology Ristau, Carolyn

Cognitive Linguistics van Hoek, Karen

Cognitive Maps Pick, Herbert

Cognitive Modeling, Connectionist McClelland, James

Cognitive Modeling, Symbolic Lewis, Rick

Color Categorization Kay, Paul

Color, Neurophysiology of Lee, Barry B

Color Vision Brainard, David

Columns and Modules Calvin, William

Comparative Psychology Tomasello, Michael W

Compositionality Krifka, Manfred

Computation Smith, Brian Cantwell

Computation and the Brain Churchland, Patricia S. and Grush, Rick

Computational Complexity Levesque, Hector

Computational Learning Theory Kearns, Micheal

Computational Lexicons Pustejovsky, James

Computational Linguistics Joshi, Aravind K

Computational Neuroanatomy Schwartz, Eric

Computational Neuroscience Sejnowski, Terry

Computational Psycholinguistics Norris, Dennis

Computational Theory Of Mind Horst, Steven

Computational Vision Hildreth, Ellen

Computing in Single Neurons Koch, Christof

Concepts Hampton, James

Conceptual Change Keil, Frank

Conditioning Mackintosh, Nicholas J

Conditioning and the Brain Thompson, Richard F

Connectionism, Philosophical Issues Ramsey, William

Connectionist Approaches To Language Smolensky, Paul

Consciousness Davies, Martin

Consciousness, Neurobiology of Koch, Christof and Crick, Francis

Constraint Satisfaction Dechter, Rina

Context and Point of View Zimmerman, Thomas Ede

Control Theory Brockett, Roger W

Cooperation and Competition Dunbar, Robin

Cortical Localization, History of Gross, Charles

Creativity Csikszentmihalyi, Mihalyi

Creoles Bickerton, Derek

Cultural Consensus Theory Romney , A. Kimball and Batchelder, William

Cultural Evolution Boyer, Pascal

Cultural Psychology Shweder, Richard

Cultural Relativism Shore, Bradd

Cultural Symbolism Boyer, Pascal

Cultural Variation Boster, James


Darwin, Charles Richards, Bob

Descartes, René Wilson, Margaret D

Decision Trees Utgoff, Paul

Decision-Making Shafir, Eldar

Deductive Reasoning Rips, Lance

Depth Perception Gillam, Barbara

Discourse Roberts, Craige

Dissonance Lepper, Mark R. and Shultz, Thomas

Distinctive Features McCarthy, John

Distributed vs. Local Representation Van Gelder, Tim

Domain Specificity Gelman, Susan

Dominance in Animal Social Groups Bekoff, Marc

Dreaming Hobson, J. Allan

Dynamic Approaches to Cognition Van Gelder, Tim

Dynamic Programming Kaelbling, Leslie

Dynamic Semantics Stokhof, Martin and Groenendijk, Jeroen

Dyslexia Galaburda, Albert M


Ebbinghaus, Hermann Roediger, Henry L

Echolocation Moss, Cynthia F

Ecological Psychology Neisser, Ulric

Ecological Validity Cole, Michael

Economics and Cognitive Science Shafir, Eldar

Education Ranney, Michael and Shimoda, Todd

Electrophysiology, Electric and Magnetic Evoked Fields Hillyard, Steven

Eliminative Materialism Stich, Stephen

Emergentism McLaughlin, Brian

Emotion and the Animal BrainLeDoux, Joe and Rogan, Michael

Emotion and the Human Brain Brothers, Leslie

Emotions Oatley, Keith

Epiphenomenalism McLaughlin, Brian

Episodic vs. Semantic Memory Tulving, Endel

Epistemology and Cognition Goldman, Alvin

Essentialism Gelman, Susan

Ethics and Evolution Stein, Edward

Ethnopsychology White, Geoffrey

Ethology Marler, Peter

Evolution Sterelny, Kim

Evolution of Language Bloom, Paul

Evolutionary Computation Mitchell, Melanie

Evolutionary Psychology Cosmides, Leda and Tooby, John

Expertise Ericsson, Anders

Explanation Thagard, Paul

Explanation-Based Learning Greiner, Russell

Explanatory Gap Levine, Joseph

Extensionality, Thesis of Sanford, David H

Eye Movements and Visual Attention Kowler, Eileen


Face Recognition Rodman, Hillary R

Feature Detectors Barlow, Horace

Figurative Language Gibbs, Raymond W.

Focus Krifka, Manfred

Folk Biology Atran, Scott

Folk Psychology Baker, Lynne Rudder

Formal Grammars Stabler, Edward

Formal Systems, Properties of Sieg, Wilfried

Frame Problem Lormand, Eric

Frame-Based Systems Nebel, Bernhard

Frege, Gottlob Stanley, Jason C

Freud, Sigmund Kitcher, Patricia

Functional Decomposition Richardson, Robert C

Functional Role Semantics Block Ned

Functionalism Maloney, John Christopher

Fuzzy Logic Zadeh, Lotfi


Game Theory Koller, Daphne

Game-Playing Systems Campbell, Murray

Generative Grammar Pullum, Geoffrey K

Geschwind, Norman Galaburda, Albert M

Gestalt Perception Palmer, Stephen

Gestalt Psychology Kubovy, Michael

Gibson, James Jerome Pick, Herbert and Pick, Anne

Gödel's Theorems Sieg, Wilfried

Golgi, Camillo Rockland, Kathleen

Grammar, Neural Basis of Caplan, David N

Grammatical Relations Woolford, Ellen

Greedy Local Search Selman, Bart

Grice, H. Paul Bach, Kent


Haptic Perception Klatzky, Roberta

Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Green, Georgia

Head Movement Travis, Lisa

Hebb, Donald O. Klein, Raymond

Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Gregory, Richard

Hemispheric Specialization Gazzaniga, Michael

Heuristic Search Korf, Richard E.

Hidden Markov Models Smyth, Padhraic

High-Level Vision Peterson, Mary A

Hippocampus Eichenbaum, Howard

Human Navigation Pick, Herbert

Human Universals Brown, Donald

Human-Computer Interaction Hollan, James D

Hume, David Traiger, Saul


Illusions Anstis, Stuart

Imagery Kosslyn, Stephen M. and Rabin Carolyn S

Imitation Meltzoff, Andrew N

Implicature Horn, Laurence

Implicit vs. Explicit Memory Schacter, Daniel

Indexicals and Demonstratives Corazza, Eros

Individualism Wilson, Robert A.

Induction Thagard, Paul

Inductive Logic Programming Muggleton, Stephen

Infant Cognition Spelke, Elizabeth

Information Theory Cover, Thomas M. and Thomas, Joy

Informational Semantics Dretske, Fred

Innateness of Language Wexler, Kenneth

Intelligence Sternberg, Robert J

Intelligent Agent Architecture Rosenschein, Stan

Intentional Stance Dennett, Daniel

Intentionality Lycan, William

Intersubjectivity Trevarthen, Colwyn

Introspection Rosenthal, David M.


Jakobson, Roman Halle, Morris

James, William Lyons, William

Judgment Heuristics Fischhoff, Baruch

Justification Goldman, Alvin


Kant, Immanuel Brook, Andrew

Knowledge Acquisition Marcus, Sandra L.

Knowledge-Based Systems Davis, Randy

Knowledge Representation Hayes, Patrick


Language Acquisition Gleitman, Lila and Bloom, Paul

Language and Communication Duncan, Susan

Language and Culture Levinson, Steve

Language and Gender McConnell-Ginet, Sally

Language and Thought Au, Terry

Language Impairment, Developmental Tallal, Paula

Language, Neural Basis of Dronkers, Nina

Language of Thought Sterelny, Kim

Language Production Bock, Kathryn

Language Variation and Change Lightfoot, David

Lashley, Karl S. Thompson, Richard F

Learning Reisberg, Daniel

Learning Systems Osherson, Daniel

Lévi-Strauss, Claude Hénaff, Marcel

Lexical Functional Grammar Dalrymple, Mary

Lexicon Grimshaw, Jane

Lexicon, Neural Basis Caramazza, Alfonso

Lightness Perception Gilchrist, Alan

Limbic System Markowitsch, Hans J

Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis Lucy, John

Linguistic Universals and Universal Grammar Pesetsky, David

Linguistics, Philosophical Issues Ludlow, Peter

Literacy Olson, David

Logic Barwise, K. Jon

Logic Programming Kowalski, Robert

Logical Form in Linguistics May, Robert C

Logical Form, Origins of Stanley, Jason C.

Logical Omniscience, Problem of Stalnaker, Robert

Logical Reasoning Systems McAllester, David

Long-Term Potentiation Shors, Tracey J

Luria, Alexander Romanovich Cole, Michael


Machiavellian Intelligence Hypothesis Whiten, Andrew

Machine Learning Dietterich, Tom

Machine Translation Hovy, Eduard

Machine Vision Malik, Jitendra

Magic and Superstition Rozin, Paul and Nemeroff, Carol

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Ugurbil, Kamil

Malinowski, Bronislaw Toren, Christina

Manipulation and Grasping Ponce, Jean

Marr, David Richards, Whitman A

Mcculloch, Warren S. Lettvin, Jerome

Meaning Bach, Kent

Memory Baddeley, Alan

Memory, Animal Studies Zola, Stuart

Memory, Human Neuropsychology Squire, Larry

Memory Storage, Modulation of McGaugh, James

Mental Causation Heil, John

Mental Models Johnson-Laird, Philip N

Mental Representation Von Eckardt, Barbara

Mental Retardation Mervis, Carolyn

Mental Rotation Tarr, Michael

Metacognition Moses, Louis J. and Baird, Jodie

Metaphor Glucksberg, Sam

Metaphor and Culture Quinn, Naomi

Metareasoning Russell, Stuart

Metarepresentation Sperber, Dan

Meter and Poetry Keyser, Samuel J.

Mid-Level Vision Nakayama, Ken

Mind-Body Problem Crane, Tim

Minimalism Lasnik, Howard

Minimum Description Length Wallace, Chris

Mobile Robots Simmons, Reid G

Modal Logic Cresswell, Max

Modeling Neuropsychological Deficits Farah, Martha J

Modularity and Language Frazier, Lyn

Modularity of Mind Karmiloff-Smith, Annette

Moral Psychology Deigh, John

Morphology Aronoff, Mark

Motion, Perception of Albright, Thomas D.

Motivation Shizgal, Peter

Motivation and Culture Strauss, Claudia

Motor Control Bizzi, Emilio

Motor Learning du Lac, Sascha

Multiagent Systems Wellman, Michael P.

Multisensory Integration Stein, Barry, Wallace, Mark, Stanford, Terry and Vaughn, Bill


Naive Mathematics Gelman, Rochel

Naive Physics Proffitt, Dennis

Naive Sociology Hirschfeld, Lawrence

Narrow Content White, Stephen

Nativism Keil, Frank

Nativism, History of Samet, Jerry

Natural Kinds Kornblith, Hilary

Natural Language Generation Hovy, Eduard

Natural Language Processing Allen, James

Neural Development Finlay, Barbara

Neural Networks Jordan, Michael I.

Neural Plasticity Gilbert, Charles

Neuroendocrinology McEwen, Bruce S

Neuron Shepherd, Gordon

Neurotransmitters Wurtman, Richard

Newell, Allen Simon, Herbert A

Nonmonotonic Logics Morgenstern, Leora

Numeracy and Culture Okamoto, Yukari and Curtis, Reagan


Object Recognition, Animal Studies Rolls, Edmund

Object Recognition, Human Neuropsychology Farah, Martha J

Oculomotor Control Glimcher, Paul

Optimality Theory Smolensky, Paul


Pain Hendry, Stewart

Parameter-Setting Approaches to Acquisition, Creolization, and Diachrony deGraff Michel

Parsimony and Simplicity Forster, Malcolm R

Pattern Recognition and Feed-Forward Networks Bishop, Christopher

Penfield, Wilder Tees, Richard

Perceptual Development Gibson, Eleanor J.,Adolpoh, Karen and Eppler, Marion

Phantom Limb Melzack, Ronald

Phonetics Keating, Pat

Phonological Rules and Processes Kenstowicz, Michael

Phonology Clements, G.N

Phonology, Acquisition of Nespor, Marina

Phonology, Neural Basis of Blumstein, Sheila

Physicalism Kim, Jaegwon

Piaget, Jean Voneche, Jacques

Pictorial Art and Vision Cavanagh, Patrick

Pitts, Walter Lettvin, Jerome

Planning Tate, Austin

Polysynthetic Languages Baker, Mark

Positron Emission Tomography Raichle, Marcus

Possible Worlds Semantics Cresswell, Max

Poverty of the Stimulus Arguments Marcus, Gary

Pragmatics Horn, Laurence and Ward, Gregory

Presupposition Roberts, Craige

Primate Cognition Hauser, Marc

Primate Language Savage-Rumbaugh, Sue and Rumbaugh, Duane

Probabilistic Reasoning Shafir, Eldar

Probability, Foundations of Cheeseman, Peter

Problem Solving Simon, Herbert A

Production Systems Simon, Herbert A

Propositional Attitudes Stalnaker, Robert

Prosody and Intonation Pierrehumbert, Janet

Prosody and Intonation, Processing Issues Cutler, Anne

Psychoanalysis, Contemporary Views Gardner, Sebastian

Psychoanalysis, History of Hopkins, James

Psycholinguistics Clark, Herb

Psychological Laws Lycan, William

Psychophysics Teller, Davida and Palmer, John


Qualia Levin, Janet

Quantifiers Keenan, Ed


Radical Interpretation Kirk, Robert

Rational Agency Cherniak, Christopher

Rational Choice Theory Dupuy, Jean-Pierrex

Rational Decision Making Doyle, Jon

Rationalism vs. Empiricism Schwartz, Robert

Reading Adams, Marilyn

Realism and Anti-Realism Fine, Arthur

Recurrent Networks Jordan, Michael I.

Reductionism McCauley, Robert

Reference, Theories of Devitt, Michael

Reinforcement Learning Sutton, Rich

Relational Grammar Aissen, Judith

Relevance and Relevance Theory Wilson, Deirdre

Religious Ideas and Practices Lawson, E. Thomas

Retina Chichilnisky, Eduardo Jose

Robotics and Learning Kaelbling, Leslie

Rules and Representations Horgan, Terry and Tienson, John


Sapir, Edward Irvine, Judith

Saussure, Ferdinand de Lepschy, Giulio

Schemata Brewer, William F.

Scientific Thinking and its Development Dunbar, Kevin

Self White, Stephen

Self-Knowledge van Gulick, Robert

Self-Organizing Systems Depew, David and Weber, Bruce

Semantics Partee, Barbara H.

Semantics, Acquisition of Crain, Stephen

Semiotics and Cognition Violi, Patrizia

Sensations Hardin, C.L

Sense and Reference Segal, Gabriel

Sentence Processing Gorrell, Paul

Sexual Attraction, Evolutionary Psychology of Thornhill, Randy

Shape Perception Sekuler, Allison B. and Bennett, Patrick J.

Sign Language and the Brain Corina, David P

Sign Languages Newport, Elissa and Supalla, Ted

Signal Detection Theory Macmillan, Neil

Similarity Goldstone, Robert

Simulation vs. Theory-Theory Gordon, Robert M

Single-Neuron Recording Schiller, Peter

Situated Cognition and Learning Seifert, Colleen

Situatedness/Embeddedness Smith, Brian Cantwell

Situation Calculus Lesperance, Yves

Sleep Hobson, J. Allan

Smell Youngentob, Steven

Social Cognition Gilbert, Daniel

Social Cognition in Animals Cheney, Dorothy and Seyfarth, Robert

Social Play Behavior Bekoff, Marc

Sociobiology Dunbar, Robin

Spatial Perception Colby, Carol

Speech Perception Miller, Joanne

Speech Recognition in Machines Rabiner, Lawrence

Speech Synthesis Isard, Stephen

Sperry, Roger Wolcott Trevarthen, Colwyn

Spoken Word Recognition Cutler, Anne

Statistical Learning Theory Pednault, Ed

Statistical Techniques in Natural Language Processing Charniak, Eugene

Stereo and Motion Perception Faugeras, Olivier D

Stereotyping Dovidio, John

Stress McEwen, Bruce S

Stress, Linguistic Halle, Morris

Structure From Visual Information Sources Siegel, Ralph M

Supervenience Horgan, Terry

Supervised Learning in Multilayer Neural Networks Hinton, Geoffrey

Surface Perception Anderson, Bart

Syntax Williams, Edwin

Syntax, Acquisition of Wexler, Kenneth

Syntax-Semantics Interface Chierchia, Gennaro


Taste Halpern, Bruce

Technology and Human Evolution Audouze, Francoise

Temporal Reasoning Kautz, Henry

Tense and Aspect Dahl, Östen

Teuber, Hans-Lukas Gross, Charles

Texture Bergen, James R

Thalamus Mumford, David

Thematic Roles Higginbotham, Jim

Theory of Mind Gopnik, Alison

Time in the Mind Pöppel, Ernst and Wittmann, Marc

Tone Goldsmith, John

Top-Down Processing in Vision Cavanagh, Patrick

Transparency Stoner, Gene R

Turing, Alan Mathison Michie, Don

Tversky, Amos Gilovich, Thomas D

Twin Earth Segal, Gabriel

Typology Comrie, Bernard


Uncertainty Henrion, Max

Unity of Science Bechtel, William

Unsupervised Learning Dayan, Peter

Utility Theory Wellman, Michael P.


Vagueness Smith, Peter and Keefe, Rosanna

Vision and Learning Poggio, Tomaso

Visual Anatomy and Physiology Schiller, Peter

Visual Cortex, Cell Types and Connections in Callaway, Edward M

Visual Neglect Pouget, Alexandre and Driver, Jon

Visual Object Recognition, AI Huttenlocher, Daniel P

Visual Processing Streams Goodale, Melvyn A

Visual Word Recognition Seidenberg, Mark

Von Neumann, John Cowan, Jack

Vygotsky, Lev Semenovich Wertsch, James V


Walking/Running Machines Boone, Gary and Hodgins, Jessica

Wh-Movement Cinque, Guglielmo

What-It's-Like Levine, Joseph

Wiener, Norbert Heims, Steven J.

Word Meaning, Acquisition of Bloom, Paul and Gleitman, Lila

Working Memory Smith, Edward E

Working Memory, Neural Basis of Goldman-Rakic, Patricia

Writing Systems Sampson, Geoffrey

Wundt, Willhelm Murray, David J


Xbar-Theory Haegeman-De Pauw, Liliane